WWE Punjabi Prison Match

WWE Punjabi Prison Match

WWE Punjabi Prison MatchIf you love the WWE and you have any bit of imagination whatsoever (which you most likely do), then you’re going to love the WWE Punjabi Prison Match. Get ready for hard-hitting action, talk-trashing beyond what your ears can handle (this part is on you), takedowns and smackdowns like never seen before, and races to escape the cage and be declared victorious.

The WWE Punjabi Prison Match comes with the founder of this event, which is the Great Khali. You will also receive Batista. Both of these action figures are made by Jakks Pacific. In addition to that, you will get a spring ring and double Punjabi prison cage, which is 15 inches tall and 12 x 12. Put all this together, add other figures you might already own, and you have a recipe for pandemonium! And if you love the WWE, you love pandemonium.

As you might already know, those four doors only stay open for sixty seconds at a time before you must climb to the top and make it pass the bamboos spikes. That said, this is your house. This is your arena. You can stick with the standard approach, but in your house, you make the rules, and nobody’s going to tell you any different.

You can reenact your favorite matches. You can have a four of seven series between the Great Khali and Batista. You could even bring wrestlers in out of retirement if you own them. Have a royal rumble if you want. Keep stats for wins and losses in one on one matches. Do as you please. There is only one request for when you decide to buy and own the WWE Punjabi Prison Match. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s intense!

November 10, 2009
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