Transformers 3 Ultimate Optimus Prime

Transformers 3 Ultimate Optimus Prime Review

Brand new for 2011, Ultimate Optimus Prime is a licensed toy based on Michael Bay’s recent Transformers 3 movie, the Revenge of the Fallen. With Ultimate Optimus Prime, kids can have a blast leading the Autobots to victory against the Decepticons who threaten the very existence of humanity. But the Ultimate Optimus Prime isn’t just for kids. It’s a highly sophisticated action figure that makes an excellent gift for collectors and adult fans of the series.

Manufactured by Hasbro, the Ultimate Optimus Prime toy is suitable for ages 5 years and up, and it use three AA batteries that are not included. The batteries power lights, sound effects and speech effects, but aren’t necessary.

What makes this edition “ultimate” and what distinguishes it from all the other Optimus Prime toys ever made are the real lights and sound effects on the blaster weapon and the three distinct modes: vehicle, robot and power up.

The Ultimate Optimus Prime exists in two distinct parts: the cab and the trailer. The cab and the trailer attach for the vehicle mode. The cab transforms into the default Optimus Prime, and the trailer transforms into his Omega Combat Armour. By attaching the Omega Combat Armour to Optimus Prime, you achieve the spectacular power-up mode.

In the vehicle form, with or without the trailer attached to the cab, it rolls around just like any other toy truck, and children can use it as such, and have a lot of fun. In either of the other two more complex modes, Ultimate Optimus Prime is a well-balanced action figure that is easy to set up during play or to set up on a shelf for display.

For collectors who prefer to keep the figures inside the box, Ultimate Optimus Primes comes in an elaborate display box. There are even access points so that you can activate lights and sound effects without opening the container.

The Ultimate Optimus Prime certainly lives up to its name. It’s the most impressive Prime we’ve ever seen. It is a tad complex. That’s not a con per se, but it’s worth noting for parents with young children. Although safety rated for 5 years old, conceptually it may be a little much for them. 7-year olds and above shouldn’t have much trouble.