Toy Story 3 Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story 3 Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear

Jet Pack Buzz LightyearThe Toy Story series franchise is one of the most favoured of all animated movie selections of all time. Each movie generates a list of new toys based off of the beloved characters in the series. The most beloved of all Toy Story characters is Buzz Lightyear. With the latest iteration of the series came the creation of several Buzz Lightyear oriented toys. One of the most sought after for the holidays this year is the Toy Story 3 Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear from Mattel.

This thirty-two centimeter tall tie-in figure from Mattel comes complete with pop-out wings and a retractable helmet for all of his space faring and out of this world combat needs. The figure comes with fully articulated limbs which allow for a wide variety of poses. The action figure speaks a wide variety of phrases when the buttons placed upon his Jet Pack are pressed. These phrases are old favourites as well as new quotes from the third movie of the series. Favourites include “To Infinity and beyond!” and “Buzz Lightyear is at your service”.

Other notable features about this toy are the afterburner lights, cool jetpack, and arm lasers. These items provide authenticity for the toy. They also allow for a full featured play session as any child or adult collector will find it difficult not to play with it.

The toy is built tough and will last for many hours of play. Overall its design is exacting in detail compared to the movie character it is based off of. The design, extras, and detail placed into its creation make the Toy Story 3 Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear action figure from Mattel one of the honest toys for the Christmas season. It is priced to move and all indications suggest that they will not be on shelves long.

October 8, 2010
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