My First Baby Annabel Time to Sleep

My First Baby Annabel Time to Sleep

Most children like a doll that is realistic. The My First baby Annabel doll is as life like as a newborn. Annabel babbles and coos just like a real newborn baby. Watch her fight sleep and settle down and begin snoring. She is a full 36 cm to make her perfect for your little ones arms.

Creative play is something that is important for children in learning. Most little girls want a baby doll, which resembles the real thing. They will pattern their mothering style after watching their Mum and other relatives. Playtime actually is a learning experience for the child and Annabell can help a child learn just how to be attentive to the needs of a newborn.

Annabel comes with a nice fluffy pillow, which has designs of sheep tastefully decorating it. Her beautiful white sleeper coordinates with purple colour accents with the pillow. The clothes are very well made and can easily be washed and dried if baby gets dirty.

The doll laughs and giggles, just as a real newborn baby would. The doll starts snoring as she falls into a sleep pattern. You will have to shake yourself to remember this is a doll and not a real baby. When baby is in a deep sleep, all you have to do is cuddle here and her eyes will open as she wakes up. The baby wiggles and moves just like a lifelike newborn. Teaching your child valuable skills to be a good Mum starts early in life. Role play and dolls help mold our daughters into being wonderful Mums.

Several reviews state that My First baby Annabell Time to Sleep is perfect for their daughter. The realistic like play and interaction that doll provides, is well worth the price. A little girl will feel like a real Mum, when her baby needs constant attention. While there is many dolls on the market today, there are few that have the realistic, newborn qualities of Annabel. Give your child an opportunity to have one of the greatest babies available on the market today. Annabel will warm her way into your child’s heart and make her feel like a real Mum.

Vtech Innotab

Learning Starts With The Vtech Innotab

The geniuses at Vtech have done it again. The latest creation to roll out of their development shop is the fabulous new InnoTab, a functional tablet toy/learning device that will satisfy every child’s desire to have a tool just like the one that Mum or Dad has. These age appropriate devices do almost everything that the adult tablets can, but do so in a manner that fosters the learning experience.

The Innotab is designed to bring tablet style versatility to a play platform. Built to be kid proof in most situations, the Innotab features a full color five inch touch screen, a microphone for interactive ease, a headphone jack so that children can use it in places where parents need to concentrate on other things, and a wide array of fun and mind-expanding software, apps, and downloadable entertainment.

It is this abundance of software that really makes the Innotab such an amazing value. It starts with a full supply of interactive and animated e-books that draw the child into the action, as well as teach basic computer skills as they follow along. Many of these titles are drawn from the famed Disney library of film characters, and include new favourites such as Cars 2 and the Penguins of Madagascar, as well as classics such as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

As children become more familiar with the operation of the Innotab, they can branch out into more self paced activities. They can spend hours of time mastering a plethora of learning games. Moving on, they can be introduced to the creativity enhancing capabilities of the paint and drawing modules of the Art Studio.

Because we live in an audio-visual world, the Innotab offers built-in support for playing MP3 and video files. Basic productivity applications are not forgotten either. There is a photo suite that introduces them to basic photo editing techniques, a notepad function to start them on the road to literary expression, clocks, calendars, calculators, and alarms to ease them into the more organised adult world they will soon enough grow into, and custom designed learning applications that parents can use to monitor their child’s progress on.

The Innotab is exactly the sort of device that we wish we could have had when we were kids. Simply put, it is imagination, adventure, and learning all wrapped up in one fascinating package that the little ones can’t wait to start exploring.

October 4, 2011
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LEGO City Police Station 7498

LEGO City Police Station 7498

Lego has produced another fun filled building set. The Lego City Police Station 7498 is the ideal toy for the child that loves to build Lego’s. Lego City Police Station is a most suitable toy for both boys and girls. This Lego Play set is not recommended for children under the age of five due to the many small pieces.

Description: The Lego City Police Station allows children to play cops and robbers in a whole new way! The Lego Police set consists of everything that will be required to build and enjoy playing with their very own police station. Lego people included with the building set are officers, robbers, and K-9 dogs.

Included Items: The Lego City Police Station has 597 pieces. A police helicopter, motorcycle, and van are the vehicles included with the set. Lego people comprise of five police officers and two robbers. Two K-9 police dogs make for added fun. Instruction are included on how to construct the Lego City Police Station.

Features: The Lego City Police Set is the ultimate in building fun. This wonderful Lego building set has achieved the National Parenting Centre Seal of Approval plus a Greatest Products award from iParenting Media. This Police City Set from Lego offers hours of entertainment and building fun. The variety of ways the Lego set may be played with are seemingly endless. The only thing to hold a child back is their imagination.

The Lego City Police Station spotlights a security control tower that keeps watch over any escape attempts. The jail ensures the robbers are behind bars. A police helicopter monitors the sky for criminal activity. The Lego police helicopter maintains a heliport pad to aid in take offs and landings. The Lego City Police Station building set includes a two gar garage for parking of official vehicles.

The Lego City Police Station 7498 promotes the best type of play, interactive and creative. Children are encouraged to use the imagination while playing with the Police Station. Lego building sets are designed to be durable and creative. The included instructions will show the child how to create the police station but individuality and creativity are always promoted by Lego.

September 30, 2011
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Barbie Puppy Water Park

Barbie Puppy Water Park

Mattel has released the Barbie Puppy Water Park Play Set. Barbie and her dogs are eager to enjoy a day playing at the water park. The Barbie Water Park will allow your child hours of play time enjoyment and activities.

The Barbie Puppy Water Park is comprised of two puppies and a Barbie, The water slide and squirt gun contribute to the fun. A working Ferris wheel and waterfall makes this Barbie toy so much more enjoyable . Barbie is able to have hours of merry play time with her puppy friends. The Barbie Puppy Water Park Play Set is best for children ages three and up. Small pieces are included, so the Barbie Puppy Water Park Play Set is not recommended for children under three. The Barbie Puppy Water Park Play Set has a choice of either an African American or Caucasian Barbie doll.

Dimensions: The Barbie Puppy Water Park Play Set weighs 2.1 pounds. The toy measurements are 14.5 by 3.5 by 12.8 inches.

Features: Barbie Puppy Water Park Play Set allows Barbie and her friends to have squirt gun fun with Barbie’s puppies. Barbie’s puppies can frolic on the water slide and ride the Ferris wheel. Barbie and her friends have the ability to play on the water slide and in the waterfall. Barbie has the capacity to entertain herself and her friends watching the puppies ride on the Ferris wheel. Little girls and boys will love the fun filled day at the water park with Barbie and her puppies.

The Barbie Puppy Water Park Play Set is a tremendous toy for both girls and boys alike. Children will get an enormous amount of play time out of this amusing and durable toy. The working water fall is a fabulous bonus feature of the toy. The ability for children to play both outside, inside, and even in the bathtub makes this a multipurpose toy for hours of fun. The Barbie Puppy Water Park is the one toy that may be bought with the utmost confidence that a child will not be easily become bored. Adventures abound with the Barbie Puppy Water Park Play Set.

September 29, 2011
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