Top Agents Super Racer

Top Agents Super Racer by Playmobil

Every little boy has played cops and robbers. But as your little rough-and-tumble boy grows a little older, he may inform you he wants to be a spy. Indulge his creative fantasies with the Top Agents Super Racer by Playmobil. Your son’s imagination will soar as he infiltrates the enemy headquarters to save the world.

This versatile toy is equipped with everything an experienced spy will need to accomplish his mission. Whether your little boy’s adventures take him over land or across the sea, the Top Agents Super Racer is read to speed over terrain or float in turbulent waters. The white spy car features secret wings that fold in and out and even hidden missiles that fire to destroy evil lairs.

As your child races through the dangers of whatever his imagination conjures he will develop important cognitive skills. Playing spy involves mental skills that include creation and problem solving. Every play session will bring new crime problems, new characters and bad guys, new top secret locations, and dangerous missions to be carried out.

This unique spy car helps kids return to their creative roots, away from the TV and the game consoles that require zero imagination. Yet your child will have no trouble making his own fun with the help of this versatile toy. This land and water spy mobile encourages healthy development even as your little boy saves the world from the evil plots of the bad guys who threaten to destroy it.

Following the adventures of the top secret agents who seek to defeat the trouble-making Robo gangsters, the Super Racer toys have been named among the most innovative produced throughout 2011. The white toy automobile comes with a little secret agent figure and other small accessories best suited for kids 7 and older.

The Secret Agent Super Racer has proven an extremely popular toy item. With the holidays quickly approaching, supplies are diminishing. So take advantage of the opportunity to foster your child’s imagination and sense of adventure. He will enjoy hours of endless entertainment as the Super Racer transports him through top secret missions.

November 2, 2011
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