The Flufflings Okki, Loco and Mindy

The Flufflings by Vivid Imaginations – Okki, Loco and Mindy

The Flufflings are a furry group of interactive toys by Vivid Imaginations. There are three–Mindy, Loco, and Okki, and each one has a distinct personality of its own, making them a unique and individual gift for every child.

Each Fluffling reacts to attention in one of ten different ways, through sound or vibrations of the body. They can be matched up to a boy or girl and their own particular personality, providing a wonderful companion for them.

Okki is the shyest Fluffling who makes purring sounds when happy. After Okki gets to know her friend, she will begin to sing, giggle, and blow kisses. She loves to be rocked and sang to, but doesn’t like to be rolled all around. Okki is a light lavender colour.

Loco is the complete opposite of Okki. Loco loves to play and be rolled around, and will giggle while bouncing up and down. Loco is dark purple in colour.

Mindy is what they describe as the “girly” Fluffling, and is somewhere in between Loco and Okki in personality. She loves to be petted and talked to, and will return the favor by singing. She also purrs and quivers if her fur is stroked. She likes to be brushed and given lots of attention, and likes to be rolled around, IF she gets her fur put back to order afterwards. Mindy is dark pink in colour.

It is recommended that the Flufflings be given lots of attention, because they will grow sad if left alone for an extended period of time.

All three would make a delightful gift set for a child, but even individually they are sure to provide hours of entertainment. For a quiet child, perhaps Okki would be best. If a child is more active, then Loco would be perfect. But if you have a little girl who loves to fuss and primp, certainly Mindy would be the one for her.
The Flufflings are big enough to hold and cuddle, but small enough to take places with ease. They’re lightweight, so a child can carry their “friend” by himself(or herself) everywhere they go, with no trouble.
These measure 24 x 22 x 16.5 cm and weigh 299 g. All they need is four AAA batteries and they are ready to go!

October 28, 2011
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