Disney Pixar Cars Walking Talking Lightning McQueen

Walking Talking Lightning Mcqueen Car

Talking McQueen CarIf your child is a big fan of the Disney movie Cars then the walking, talking Lightning Mcqueen car will be of interest to you and especially your child. The car moves and talks just like in the movie. This car made by Mattel is 16 1/2” L x 7 1/4” W and about 2.4 pounds, which makes it a great size even for the little ones. The control panel on this toy allows the child to program his every move.

The car can go forward, backwards, do stunts, dance, and other interesting things. It is left to your childs imagination. The car can even be programmed to do laps as if in a race from the Cars movie. Alls your child will have to do is set him on a flat surface and he is ready to walk, talk, race, or other interesting stunts. The walking, talking lightning mcqueen car speaks more than twenty five phrases and sounds. The car also has lights that really light up.

The car is a red car looking just like the Lightning Mcqueen in the movie made of plastic. In order for the toy to operate it requires four AA batteries. The car is for ages 4+. There are small parts so it’s not recommended for children under 3 because the small parts can be a choking hazard. The walking talking Lightning Mcqueen car is sure to make your Cars fan happy. Your child will bring Lightning Mcqueen to life right in your home.

October 5, 2009
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