Take n Play Misty Island Playset

Take ‘n’ Play Misty Island Playset

There are many different toys to get a growing child for a special occassion, Christmas, or even a birthday. If your child loves Thomas the the tank engine then they would certainly love the Take ‘n’ Play Misty Island Playset.

The Take ‘n’ Play Misty Island Playset is a circular train track that features a Thomas the tank engine theme. It features the spooky island of Sodor, and Thomas the Tank Engines journey through the spooky island. Will he make it through safely? Your child will have to help Thomas the tank engine through the spooky Sodor island, past all the dangers, to go and rescue. Your child will have a blast playing with Thomas the trank engine in this spooky setting.

The Take ‘n’ Play Misty Island Playset features two different coloured tracks, a brown one and a silver track. There are two levels of play in this Thomas the tank engine track. There is even a secret tunnel compartment that will add extra delight to your child’s face as they venture through the spooky Sodor island with Thomas.

The dimensions and portability of this item are tremendous. Not only can it be taken apart and put back together for storage, but the travel capabilities with this product are perfect to taking to grandma’s or even the babysitter’s house. It is easy to put together, and semi easy to take apart.

Another great gift to accompany the Take ‘n’ Play Misty Island Playset that features Thomas the tank engine is te accompaning childrens book, Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue by Greg Tiernan. Your child will love hearing Thomas’s tale as they recreate the adventure that Thomas and his friends went through. It will provide hours of fun and entertainment.

The Take ‘n’ Play Misty Island Playset is a great gift for your child on any occassion, and one that will be sure to delight.

December 1, 2010
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