Sylvanian Families The Pleasure Boat Playset

Sylvanian Families The Pleasure Boat Playset

Sylvanian Families The Pleasure BoatThe sylvanian families pleasure boat playset is a charming throw back to the days of old. Children will spend many hours happily playing with the old-fashioned wood constructed vessel.

The set comes complete with several boating accessories such as, binoculars, fishing rods and fish, life vests, and even a miniature mop with a bucket. It has a multi-layered design that allows the child to play with every aspect of the boat. Each individual deck has separate storage compartments that aid in the fun.

What the pleasure boat set does not come with is the sylvanian family figures themselves. You will have to purchase those separately should you care to do so.

Certain information you may like to know about this set includes the following: It is not intended for use or play by children under the age of four. The boat, named the “Martia May” is not intended for use on the water. This toy is designed for indoor play and attempting to play with it in the water may lead to it becoming damaged. There are many small parts that a child could try to eat or swallow if they are still in the phase of life where they want to taste everything around them.

All in all, the sylvanian families pleasure boat set is a remarkably constructed and charming toy. It is meant to stimulate the creative imagination in children and enhance their experiences while using their sylvanian family figures.

As an add on to any collection for the aforementioned toyline it is definately worth purchasing and your child will no doubt spend many happy hours playing quietly, while leaving you free to relax or whatever it is you do when you have free time.

November 1, 2009
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