Sylvanian Families: Applewood Cottage

Sylvanian Families Applewood Cottage

Sylvanian Families Applewood CottageBeginning in childhood, a dream for many of us is to one day become a homeowner and to live in an enjoyable place which we can call our home. A child can get a headstart on achieving that dream by creatively immersing him/herself within the endlessly imaginative world of Sylvanian Village. Specifically, giving them the gift of the finely crafted Sylvanian Families Applewood Cottage is a great way to start, as not only is it a wonderful starter home from which to grow a rich collection of other Sylvanian furnishings, it even comes with good company! Little Wren Farthing of the friendly Farthing dog family pedigree comes included with the Applewood Cottage as a charming host to all Sylvanian houseguests who might come by for a delightful spot of tea or a lively house party. The choice lies within your little one’s imagination and Wren is happy to help along the way!

Also included within the package is some basic furniture such as a table along with two chairs, ladder, and toy kitchen stove to begin making this house feel like a warm cosy home. The Sylvanian Families Applewood Cottage is the definitive example of versatility among Sylvanian architecture, as not only is it a splendid standalone house, it may be stacked atop the Applewood Department Store (sold separately) to create additional levels of further fascination and functionality for those industrious, adventurous furry families. At dimensions of 28.8 x 31 x 23 cm, the Sylvanian Applewood Cottage is quite portable and easily transported to other locations where a fellow Sylvanian Families enthusiast might be waiting to share adventures and play! This splendid piece of Sylvanian real estate is a sound, worthwhile investment, as it will undoubtedly return countless hours of role-playing fun for all the avid collectors in your family.

October 21, 2009
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