Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

Fisher-Price Smart CycleAn epidemic developing in the modern world is the obesity factor in our young people in the technologically developed countries. Intelligent business savvy company Fisher-Price has decided to weigh in on the battle against sedentary children by developing the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle.

The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle is a stationary bicycle for pre-school age children similar to an item you would find at a fitness center for adults. The bike doubles as a learning tool, however, in that there are several fun and educational games for the children to play while exercising on the bike.

The non-included material requirements of usage for this learning toy are as follows: You must have your own television. The device plugs directly into your television set. You must purchase four D size alkaline batteries for the toy to work. The smart cycle stands at approximately twenty five inches in height, eighteen and a half inches in width, and twenty seven inches in length. The smart cycle comes complete with three separate game modes. The available modes are drive, learn, and race.

Drive mode is a mode of usage where the participant steers the bike around on-screen obstacles while receiving education instruction. This is a learn and ride at your own pace setting. Learn mode is a setting that allows the child to stop and use the joystick for a more information oriented experience. This is used to reinforce previously gathered information.

Race mode is similar to drive mode except for the key difference of speed. Multple players can race against each other in head to head play while learning. If there are no other available bikes, or players, the participant can play against the computer. Overall the Fisher-Price Smart cycle is a fun, educational, toy your child will love while getting them off the couch!

October 25, 2009
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