Scooby Doo Hide and Seek

Scooby Doo Hide and Seek

Scooby Doo Hide and SeekEveryone loves Scooby doo especially children. Scooby doo has a new doll out that is interactive; it is called the Scooby doo Hide and Seek doll. The new Scooby doo doll is about 13 inches tall and it is mounds of fun. This device is interactive because it communicates with the child in different ways. The doll comes with a remote that gives the child clues as to where things are and how to solve a mystery. The Scooby doll comes with a remote that lights up to let you know if you are close to a clue.

The remote has different colour zones like blue is used when the child is getting cold, yellow is used for when the child is getting warmer, and red is for when the child is right on the money. Red hot is the sign that a clue has been found. This interactive toy runs on triple A batteries in the remote and in the doll itself.

The Scooby doo doll is being sold in stores, and online from anywhere from £24 to £35. Every child will love to interact with Scooby in his famous drooling voice. Even some parents have become so attached to Scooby that they have begun to play with the Scooby doll. It is loads of fun and it is very inexpensive. So many toys are interactive these days it helps children to learn and to have fun at the same time.

The Scooby Doo Hide and Seek doll has quickly become one of the most sought after toys on the market today and I can see why. Parents and children alike are falling in love with Scooby doo all over again. Children learn form all types of interactive toys and this will be a welcomed form of education.

November 6, 2009
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