Rubik’s 360 Cube Puzzle

Rubik’s 360 Puzzle

Rubiks 360Rubik’s 360 is a brand new challenge from Hasbro and the developers of the original Rubik’s Cube. When the original Rubik cube was introduced it became almost instantly one of the most popular puzzle games to have. It was the first time anythingof this type hit the market, remember this was about thirty years ago also. That original puzzle is still a best seller today. This puzzle, the Rubik 360 was developed by the developer of that original cube also, Erno Rubik. It is definately a new take on a classic strategy puzzle that will be sure to become a best seller also.

The idea behind the Rubik 360 is simple, just like the original, and just as difficult to do. Players of the sphere have to get the colored balls from the inside sphere into slots of a matching color on the outside of the sphere by shaking them through the middle sphere where there are only two holes for themto fit through. The object is to twist, turn and flip, or perfomr any move you can think of to strategically manipulate, the Rubik’s 360 to guide the colored six balls through both spheres to their matching colored domes on the outerside sphere of the puzzle and then lock them into place by twisting the black dome. The thing is that since it is a Rubik puzzle there is a twist. The two inner spheres are weighted and this makes them pull towards their original position as you twist and turn the puzzle around. Just when you think you have a ball in the right spot, chances are the inner spheres will react to gravity and confuse you again.

It is suitable for all ages and abilities. The best part is that it requires no batteries

October 2, 2009
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