Matchbox Rocky The Robot Truck

Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck

Matchbox Rocky the Robot TruckMatchbox Rocky the Robot Truck by Mattel talks, drives, lifts, dumps, and even dances. This is more than just an interactive dump truck; it is a young boy’s robotic companion. With over 100 unique phrases, Rocky has a response for everything.

Rocky is made of durable plastic to keep up with the rambunctious nature of children. Your child will have loads of fun filling up the bed and dumping it out either manually or by making some noise to prompt Rocky to do it on his own. When Rocky’s six wheels are moved in drive or reverse, his blue headlights glow and your child will marvel at the real life engine and honking.

The smokestack located on the front of Rocky is the main means of control. When your child tilts the lever back, Rocky props himself up on his back four wheels. The red button on the top of the smokestack switches Rocky into dancing mode. He is automatically in dump mode, but after a few presses, the dumping stops and the dancing starts. When your child is ready to get back to work, pushing the lever forward puts Rocky in his original position and mode.

However, the red button is not exclusive to dancing. Pressing it once prompts Rocky to spout one of his many phrases or jokes. But your child will have to wake him up if he’s taking a nap or snoring. Simply put an object in his dump bed or get the truck rolling and Rocky is up and ready to play.

Overall, this is a wonderful child’s toy. It is interactive, responsive, and engaging. Rocky the Robot Truck encourages kids to get up and move for themselves. This toy is recommended for children over the age of three.

October 17, 2009
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