Roary The Racing Car Deluxe Silver Hatch Race Track

Roary The Racing Car Deluxe Silver Hatch Race Track

Roary Silver Hatch Race TrackMany kids already love this bright and smiling race car. He’s full of energy and fun and just like any child he’s full of enthusiasm and curiosity. Kids can definitely relate to Roary The Racing Car. With Roary they will learn all about life’s important lessons, helping others, road safety, healthy living, the environment and how to maintain a positive attitude. If your kids already own Roary The Racing Car then you can help them complete their collection by purchasing the Roary The Racing Car Deluxe Silver Hatch Race Track.

Parents will be thrilled with how much their kids enjoy this Roary race track. Sometimes parents realize that they purchased a toy that they thought would be a smash and then come to realise that it’s stuffed in the back of the closet, buried under a mound of other more interesting toys. Well now, parents won’t have to worry about that.

The Deluxe Silver Hatch Race Track boasts bright, engaging colours that will immediately catch any child’s interest. Parents won’t have to worry about their kids being bored or disappointed. The Deluxe Silver Hatch Race Track comes with a Roary race car and a Tin Top race car. Kids will be able to zip Roary and Tin Top around this durable race track for hours at a time.

Parents will see that their kids will be delighted and excited when they turn it on. This race track actually features sounds and phrases from the show. This dynamic duo is sure to entertain your children and they will especially enjoy the fun race car sounds and Big Chris’s entertaining commentary. Kids love to watch the two cars race around and around and then crash into each other on the track. Parents will be thrilled when they see just how affordable it is as well. Any child age 3 and up can play.

The Deluxe Silver Hatch Race Track has a height of 43cm, width of 75cm and depth of 16cm. It also requires 4-AAA batteries for the Roary and Tin Top race cars and 3-AA batteries for the race car track.

October 12, 2009
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