Real Construction Deluxe Workshop

Real Construction Deluxe Workshop

Real Construction has partnered with Jakks Pacific to create the ultimate craft/construction product for kids. The Real Construction Deluxe Workshop is the next generation of interactive and creative toys for tots of all ages. The Deluxe Workshop utilises the unique concept of kid wood. Kid wood is a sturdy foam-like substance that looks like real wood. The complete line of safe and child friendly tools that come with each Deluxe Workshop, allow children to saw and nail the kid wood, thus allowing them to create an endless number of fun things. From pirate ships to planes, you name it and any child can create it with the Deluxe Workshop. It is the ultimate product for teaching sound construction basics, while sparking creativity at the same time.

The Real Construction Deluxe Workshop offers a complete set of tools and materials allowing for hours of endless fun for little ones of all ages. The Deluxe Workshop comes with over 125 safe and life-like construction pieces. The materials included are: a child hand saw, detail saw, screw driver, hammer, measuring square, hole cutter handle, bores, hinges, and 100 screws and nails. These tools are designed specifically to be used with the safe kid wood, and will not scratch or cut the little ones. Of course, many different shapes and sizes of kid wood are also supplied with the Deluxe Workshop. It also comes with a guidebook to teach kids how to use the tools. Another book comes with the Real Construction Deluxe Workshop which gives 8 fun and unique project ideas. Detailed instructions outline each step in the creative process and provide step by step instructions.

The tools and kid wood are scaled down to the perfect size for children. Virtually any project can be completed using the Deluxe Workshop, but most tend to be smaller in scale. For instance, the 8 project ideas that accompany the set are all no larger than 18″ x 18″, making it perfect for indoor use.

The Real Construction Deluxe Workshop is a great learning tool for children ages 4-14. It is safely designed to allow kids to practice creative construction in a fun and exciting manner. It makes a perfect birthday or Christmas gift, and will provide hours of entertainment for children everywhere.

October 27, 2011
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