Power Rangers Overdrive Tracker

Power Rangers Overdrive Tracker

Power Rangers Overdrive TrackerEveryone remembers the great tv show known as The Power Rangers. They have been so popular in demand that they have made numerous toys about the different characters on the hit series. They started out with a wide variety of the featured characters, and then they came out with different add-on for the characters.

One of their popular toys that came out is the Overdrive Tracker that was taken from the 2007 hit tv show series. The overdrive tracker allows the rangers to figure out the clues given to them. Now you will be able to join in on the fun and get as many clues as you can. How fun is that?

The Overdrive Tracker itself is a morpher that flips open that has a black light that is used to unlock the secret messages, also has a keypad that is used for the codes, it also comes with a turbo morph wheel that comes with five scan cards. This toy is not intended for any kids that are younger than four years old because there are small items that come with the toy and can be a choking hazard, which cannot be safe.

This is a great toy to give for Christmas or for their birthday to any big Power Ranger’s fan, just another toy to add to their power ranger gear or collection. The young ones will have tons of fun playing with this, figuring out numerous clues. As of right now the Overdrive Tracker is currently running for around £9.99.

October 27, 2009
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