Playmobil Farm Mega Set 4055

Playmobil Farm Mega Set

An excellent toy that is guaranteed to keep a child over the age of four busy for many hours is the Playmobil Farm Mega Set 4055. Playmobil is known for making quality toys that are safe and fun for children to play with. The Playmobil Farm Mega Set is no exception to this rule. Here is a guide to the Playmobil Farm Mega Set.

This set includes many wonderful features that most children will love. It features a beautiful farm house that is furnished complete with a kitchen and bedroom as well as a special storage shelter. Included for the animals in the set is a special enclosure that is fenced in to really give it that farm feeling. Also in the set is a special harvester complete with attachments for plowing.

Playmobil’s Farm Mega Set is also a big hit because it includes two different vehicles. The first vehicle is a tractor complete with a trailer as well as a special harvester to pretend with. The harvester comes with many different attachments. In addition to the two different vehicles the Playmobil Farm Mega Set also features a total of 18 different animals, 2 little farmer toys as well as fencing and lots and lots of other accessories making this set perfect for those children who like to pay attention to special detail.

The Playmobil’s Farm Mega Set is appropriate for children over the age of 4. The product depth is 17.5 cm. and the height is approximately 50 cm. This set weighs in at 6.3 kg. and it’s width is 90 cm.

Playmobil’s Farm Mega Set is very colourful and pleasing to the eye. Parents will appreciate the educational value it will add to a child’s play time and how it encourages the child to use their imagination while children will love all the accessories and getting to pretend to be a farmer. All in all a lovely gift both adults and children will like.

November 21, 2010
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