Timmy Time – Night Night Timmy

Timmy Time – Night Night Timmy

Night Night Timmy Night Night Timmy is more than a cute stuffed animal; he is a night time companion that will help your child fall asleep with ease. Little Timmy from the hit new television show for pre-schoolers, Timmy Time, is a 3 year old bundle of love that can relate to the hard day your own bundle of love needs to sleep away at nigh.

When you lay that little lamb down next to your child, Timmy closes his eyes and starts to snore. If you press the ultra soft tummy, he will “Baaa!” just like the Timmy your child knows and loves. He also comes with his very own teddy bear that you can attach to his hoof with Velcro. This adorable and cuddly little lamb comforts you child and encourages them to fall asleep.

Of course, Little Timmy does not snore throughout the night. After moments of inactivity, the voice mechanism shuts down to avoid disturbances while your child sleeps.

The only possible downfall many parents who purchased Night Night Timmy can relate is that the toy offers no educational value to their child. While it is important to incorporate toys that promote learning, Night Night Timmy is a soothing and comforting animal that focuses on sleep, not learning. Bedtime is a time to relax after a day of soaking up knowledge. Night Night Timmy is simply an adorable companion that can relate to the lives of toddlers.

If your child is one of the many avid Timmy Time fans, Night Night Timmy is the perfect addition to their collection of cuddly toys. With it being so soft and comforting, you may find yourself wanting one yourself to relax after your day!

October 13, 2009
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