My First Baby Annabel Time to Sleep

My First Baby Annabel Time to Sleep

Most children like a doll that is realistic. The My First baby Annabel doll is as life like as a newborn. Annabel babbles and coos just like a real newborn baby. Watch her fight sleep and settle down and begin snoring. She is a full 36 cm to make her perfect for your little ones arms.

Creative play is something that is important for children in learning. Most little girls want a baby doll, which resembles the real thing. They will pattern their mothering style after watching their Mum and other relatives. Playtime actually is a learning experience for the child and Annabell can help a child learn just how to be attentive to the needs of a newborn.

Annabel comes with a nice fluffy pillow, which has designs of sheep tastefully decorating it. Her beautiful white sleeper coordinates with purple colour accents with the pillow. The clothes are very well made and can easily be washed and dried if baby gets dirty.

The doll laughs and giggles, just as a real newborn baby would. The doll starts snoring as she falls into a sleep pattern. You will have to shake yourself to remember this is a doll and not a real baby. When baby is in a deep sleep, all you have to do is cuddle here and her eyes will open as she wakes up. The baby wiggles and moves just like a lifelike newborn. Teaching your child valuable skills to be a good Mum starts early in life. Role play and dolls help mold our daughters into being wonderful Mums.

Several reviews state that My First baby Annabell Time to Sleep is perfect for their daughter. The realistic like play and interaction that doll provides, is well worth the price. A little girl will feel like a real Mum, when her baby needs constant attention. While there is many dolls on the market today, there are few that have the realistic, newborn qualities of Annabel. Give your child an opportunity to have one of the greatest babies available on the market today. Annabel will warm her way into your child’s heart and make her feel like a real Mum.