Caring Corners Mrs Goodbee Interactive Dollhouse

Caring Corners – Mrs Goodbee Interactive Dollhouse

Mrs Goodbee Interactive Doll's HouseWelcome to Mrs. Goodbee’s busy home in Caring Corners! Mrs. Goodbee’s Caring Corners Interactive Dollhouse comes virtually alive with a variety of pro-social songs, games, and conversation. Offering more than 400 interactive activities, the dollhouse engages even restless little ones for hours on end.

The Caring Corners Interactive Dollhouse was created by Learning Curve with input from Dr. Michele Borba, a renowned educational consultant and scholar of moral intelligence. Parents will find that the dollhouse indeed promotes positive social behaviors. When the doorbell is rung, Mrs. Goodbee’s eyes light up and her cheerful voice guides children through acts of caring, sharing, and responsibility. The dollhouse’s physical design also encourages shared play. Its double-sided, tri-fold design and twelve rooms easily accommodate more than one child simultaneously. Secret passageways allow children to share dolls and accessories, and shared play is possible on the rooftop playground.

Parents can extend the pro-social use of the toy by using the enclosed stickers as rewards for everyday good deeds. Children enjoy using the stickers as dollhouse decorations. Caring Corners also asks children to fill their dollhouse box with gently used items to donate to a charity.

The approximate dimensions of Mrs. Goodbee’s Caring Corners Interactive Dollhouse are 24” long x 16” wide x 9” high. Mrs. Goodbee’s house can easily be folded for clutter-free storage. Extras include a toy girl, baby, and puppy. Additional dolls and a variety of accessory sets (sold separately) encourage more imaginative play. The toy is recommended for children aged 3 years and older.

November 11, 2009
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