The Million Pound Drop

The Million Pound Drop by Drumond Park

Do you and your family enjoy playing board games? Are you looking for something exciting and new to add to your family game night fun? Pick up Drumond Park, The Million Pound Drop board game and let the excitement begin tonight! This board game will give you an adrenaline rush when you have to decide whether to go big or go home! Based on the hit TV show, this game will lead to hours of intense family fun. This game is a great fit for families with children ages 12 and up.

Are you ready to win big or go home? Do you have what it takes to make the hard decisions? The game is so easy to play, you will be able to start playing right away. To begin, the contestant receives one million pounds, sorted into bundles. Then you begin to answer questions. Think carefully, now, what is the best answer? You decide which answers on which to play your money. You can choose more than one, but know if you are wrong, you lose that money. Once answer must remain empty. This process continues until you have completed the series of questions, or your lose all your money! The money will fall down the trap door if you choose incorrectly! There is only one correct answer, so choose carefully. It can be a test of your nerve, but so much fun!

Included in every game are 240 Double-sided question cards, 4 Trap doors, Table Assembly, Card Holders, a 1 minute timer and 40 Money bundles. The product dimensions are 25.5 x 36 x 7.8 cm. The game requires two or more players, but it is also the perfect game to play as teams. Take turns being on team Mom or team Dad! How about the kids versus the adults? We are all seeking more quality time with our family in today’s busy world. Family game nights are becoming more and more popular, and are a great way to enjoy each other’s company. Grab this game, or buy it as a gift for any family wanting a little bit of excitement!

November 4, 2011
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