Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey’s Pre-School R/C Car

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Pre-School R/C Car

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of the most popular cartoons on the Disney Channel. It has all your favorite characters, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto too! Now your little one can have fun travelling adventures with Mickey! The remote control car is the perfect first remote control car! It is geard towards pre-schoolers and there may be many reasons for this.

The car is Mickey’s bright red classic convertable, with a silver grill and silver hubcaps with Mickey’s head shape in the middle. Mickey can ride along in the car or the car can come and pick him (Mickey figure is removeable). The remote control is the perfect size for small hands and is shaped like Mickey’s head. It has a yellow Mickey Mouse Clubhouse logo in the middle with a yellow antenna and red tip on the end. The remote control has two directions (one on each ear) that make the car move. This car is a great gift for any child that loves to watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or one that is just learning the fun of remote control cars.

Educationally the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey’s Pre-School R/C Car can help children learn primary colours as well as shapes, having a character that is easy to recognzie will make the learning even more fun! Dont think that pre-schoolers are the only ones that will love this car though, Mickey Mouse fans of any age will appreciate Mickey in his convertable and r/c car collectors may appreciate something different for their collection.

October 23, 2009
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