Mega Bloks: Pirates Of The Caribbean Flagship Battlers Set

Mega Bloks Pirates Of The Caribbean Flagship Battlers Set

The Mega Bloks Pirates of the Caribbean Flagship Battlers Set is recommended for children 6 and up. Children will enjoy playing with this 65 piece building set. Fans of Pirates of the Caribbean will appreciate this set made by Mega Bloks. A battleship can be built with the mega bloks and this set comes with real fabric sails. Ships can be built and redesigned over and over for more fun and play. Glow in the dark cannonballs can be fired through the launching cannon ports, shooting at enemy ships. Electronic sounds makes this set even more appealing. Panels on the enemy ships can be hit to activate battle sounds.

This set can be played with alone or with multiple players to battle the sea. When played with multiple players, players can battle each other to win control of the sea. This set comes with instructions and suggestions on how to play with the battlers set. Children will have no problem using their imagination to play with this fun battlers set. There is also a webcode that is hidden inside that can be used online to unlock information for more play and entertainment.

This set is designed to enhance childrens imagination and creativity. There are other characters and accessories that can be purchased separately to enhance the Pirates of the Caribbean Flagship Battlers set experience. The Battlers set does take three AAA batteries. The dimension of the set are Length: 14.0 “; Height: 12.0 “; Width: 2.7 “; Depth: 2.7 “. Complete instructions come with the Battlers set.