Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Centre

Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Centre

The popular line of Littlest Pet Shop toys has come out with a new toy that is set to be one of the hottest items kids will want. The Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Centre closes up to resemble a cute hospital, while also making it easy to store away when playtime is over. When the rescue centre opens, your child will be able to play and rescue all of their little animal friends. The dalmatian acts as the rescue centre supervisor, however, he can be changed out and replaced with a different animal if your child chooses.

The Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Centre comes with a working ambulance. Put any of the injured animals into the vehicle and watch the red emergency lights glisten on their way to the rescue centre. When inside, your child can send the sick animal to get x-rays done or put the animal in a safe, swiveling bed. All of the cabinets inside the Rescue Centre are stuffed full of real-looking medicine and bandages that help the sick and injured animals feel better. A stretcher is also included, which makes your child’s experience even more lifelike.

The Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Centre is suitable for children who are three years or older due to some small pieces and parts that are included in the toy. The centre includes two AA batteries that power the sounds and lights for the ambulance. The Rescue Centre can help to expand your child’s imagination while also contributing to their Littlest Pet Shop collection of animals and toys. The Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Centre is 38cm in height and 55cm wide. The centre weighs about 1.8kg unpackaged and about 2kg in its original packaging. The colouring of the centre is varied, making it an array of different bright colours.

Your child will thoroughly enjoy acting like a little nurse or doctor when taking care of any of the sick animals that come into their rescue centre. This particular toy will offer hours of enjoyment for your child while also adding to their collection of popular Littlest Pet Shop products.

November 18, 2010
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