Lego Hero Factory Von Nebula

Lego Hero Factory Von Nebula

Lego Hero Factory has come out with a wonderful addition for their fans. Von Nebula came out in July of this year. He is a new mystifying villain on the scene. He is 9″ or 22 cm. tall. There are 156 pieces to this awesome villain. It was created for ages 9 and up. The dimensions are a height of 2.52″, a depth of 2.52″, a length of 10.31″, and a width of 11.1″.

He is the unfathomable leader of a band of mighty villains. He is out to seek revenge on the Hero Factory. You see there is a history that goes with Von Nebula. He used to be known as Von Ness. He was a hero and yet because of his cowardly ways almost caused a mission to fail. A city was almost in ruins. He vanished and now has returned as this heinous criminal. Mission Control must be on standby. Von Nebula is ready to attack. He is highly armed and extremely desperate to bring his revenge to fruition.

Be on the lookout for Von Nebula. He has atrocious spiked armour. His hands have horrendous claws. His staff can effortlessly create black holes that encompass and seize everything surrounding it. He is the key player in mapping out and plotting his revenge. Fathers and sons can have hours of fun building and battling with this latest and most powerful villain of all. Von Nebula will spur your son’s imagination, build his creativity levels, and learn him to strategise. Dads, you will enjoy jumping right in there with your sons for the quality time and adventures these toys bring. The price is very affordable as well.

This Christmas place this awesome build it yourself Lego Hero Factory Von Nebula 7145 under your tree. Get wrapped up in your son’s excitement and the time you can spend together. This awesome villain makes a great birthday gift as well.

November 11, 2010
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