Lego Duplo Feeding Zoo 5634

Lego Duplo Feeding Zoo

Lego Duplo Feeding ZooThe Lego Duplo Feeding Zoo 5634 is the perfect toy for your children ages 2-5. Your child will love the bright colours and hours of play that they will get with this set. The 53 piece Feeding Zoo includes a zookeeper, boy, and a girl. Children love to drive them around “the zoo” in the off-roading vehicle that is also included. The animals in the set are lions, giraffe, crocodile and an elephant. The rock climbing wall is great for the lions and there are fences that can be used to place around the elephant or giraffe.

Imagination play is at its best with this Feeding Zoo set from Lego Duplo. There is a small concession stand that says “Zoo” where the children can pretend to sell items to zoo visitors. They can feed the animals by playing with the Lego food in the feeding trough. The different combinations of building possibilities are endless with this play set. There are enough pieces for multiple children to play with this set and all have plenty of items to choose.

The shipping weight of the Lego Duplo Feeding Zoo is about 3 pounds. Your pre-school aged child that loves animals will get may years of play with this building block set. If your child is an animal lover, or just loves playing with Lego blocks, then this is sure to be among their favorite. Piece this set with other sets available from Lego Duplo and it can add to their wonderful collection of Lego!

November 4, 2009
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