Lego City Police Station 7744

Lego City: Police Station 7744

Lego City Police StationLego City Police Station or Headquarters is a new product from LEGO. Currently it is at a price of about £60 and out of a rating of 5, it has received an average of 4.8 from hundreds of reviewers. This lego set includes a police headquarters, and also a prison transport truck, car and even a motorcycle. Each part of the set is also incredibly detailed. With spotlights on the roof to watch out for escaped prisoners, opening and closing gates, garage doors that slide open, trick doors and even more, it would keep anyone entertained for a while.

The 7744 set also includes two prison cells, each one with a toilet and bed, and even has keys hanging outside of each cell, but when the prisoners escape, there are even handcuffs to take them back to jail! There are also rooms for interrogation, a place to take your coffee break, place for working with a computer, and even has a refrigerator alongside a water cooler. And all of these things are just the rooms.

This Lego City Police Station set also comes with a surplus of characters that include 5 different policemen, 2 prisoners, a police dog, and tons of accessories for all of them. The Lego City Police Station has over 953 different parts to it, so the set is marked as ages 6-12, and it could also be a choking hazard for kids under the age of 3. For the price, this set is amazing. It comes with tons of accessories, great LEGO characters, lots of rooms, and has had nothing but positive reviews by hundreds of people.

October 15, 2009
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