Lego Atlantis Portal of Atlantis 8078

Lego Atlantis Portal of Atlantis

The Lego Atlantis Portal of Atlantis (8078) is a fantastic toy that will allow your child to have hours of imaginative fun for years to come. Online reviews of the set are always favourable when it comes to this particular toy. Because this toy is made by Lego, you know that the pieces are going to be durable and last a lifetime. Your child will enjoy sending their toy divers that come with the set through the vast maze of tunnels. The set will come with five different keys and divers, all made from durable materials. At the entrance of the tunnel is a fierce-looking shark head that opens and closes its mouth to allow the divers inside.

If the divers get caught going through the tunnels, your child can put them in one of the jails towards the back of the set. But if the diver makes it through, he can open one of the portals to find a chest of buried treasure. There are a number of ferocious-looking figurines that come with the set, all of which can be used to chase after one of the many divers as they make their way through the tunnels of the castle. On the top of the castle are two shark figurines that are actually movable. Your child will absolutely love being able to make the statues come alive as the divers make their way to the entrance of the castle. The divers can use one of the keys to open the treasure portals to Atlantis.

This particular set can be purchased alone or in conjunction with other Lego Atlantis sets. The Lego Atlantis Portal of Atlantis (8078) comes with numerous pieces and is suitable for children who are eight years or older due to small pieces that may be a choking hazard to small children. The set measures 32cm tall and 46cm wide and has a number of different, unique features which are made using only the most durable materials. Your child will love playing with the Lego Atlantis Portal of Atlantis (8078) set.

December 8, 2010
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