Leapfrog ClickStart My First Computer

Leapfrog ClickStart – My First Computer

The whole world evolves around the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Now Leapfrog ClickStart lets the 3 to 6 year old learn the basics of a computer using the TV. In the safety of the home environment they can become accustomed to using the hand held electronic teaching aid. It will help them learn the skills they will carry with them when they start school and start using the computer there. It is a educational device to help develop skills in learning and applying those skills while using the device. It is the child’s first computer and educational software toy. It is designed for the young pre school child and assists them in learning and mind stimulation. You can get different software programs that teach and helps them to learn to focus and figure out what is being taught. They can learn to count, say the alphabet, and interact with different games and skill levels.

Leapfrog ClickStart My First Computer uses batteries or you can buy an adapter, which would be a savings in battery purchases. It comes with some games, a mouse and pad, and a keyboard. They console is neat and compact and has a place to store cartridges. It is a good electronic toy to help motivate the child to learn instead of just sitting and watching TV. It gets them involved in learning in a fun way. It is built sturdy for young hands to handle and fairly simple to learn to use. It is fascinating to young minds when they can be the ones in charge of the device they are using.

October 12, 2009
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