iTeddy Bear Toy

iTeddy Toy

iTeddy Everyone has had a teddy bear at one point in his or her life but you’ve never had a teddy bear like this. This one is interactive and has a built in media player. He has built in speakers that you child can even plug headphones into and be able to listen to music, play games and watch cartoons. The personal media player can even be detached and used without the teddy. Also included is a USB cable and there is 512Mb of memory built in so there is room for everything your child would want to store on it including music and photos. If your child is done looking at his screen they can even cover it with his t-shirt and he looks like a plain teddy bear.

Every iTeddy comes with episodes of the children’s television shows Roary the Racing Car and the Flowertots preloaded. He has a built in speaker and media player, 512Mb of memory along with a expandable SD memory slot. The screen in his belly is 1.8″. The t-shirt he comes with can be put on him to cover the screen in his belly. He is 2.5cm high, 21.0cm wide and 19.1cm deep. He weighs 0.9Kg. Be aware that you need computer and internet access to use him.

You will definitely keep your children entertained for hours and hours with this guy. They get to make the decision of how they want to play and interact with him. He is great to bring in the car, to grandparents houses, at bedtime or really anytime.

October 1, 2009
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