Indiana Jones Sounds FX Hat And Whip

Indiana Jones Sound FX Hat and Whip

Indiana Jones Sound FX Hat and WhipWhenever any kid watches an action packed movie, they are going to wish that they were in the screen with all of the action going on. However, all a kid can really do in that situation is role play with his imagination and make the sound effects with his mouth. Now there is a toy out that will do not only the sound effects for kids, but includes the whip and hat so the child will feel like he really is in the movie with Indiana Jones.

Where is this magical toy, you might be thinking. Well, it is sold online at different toy stores. It’s only around £10.00, but for all that you are getting, it’s a great deal. Kids love this toy not only for the noises it makes, but because it’s not cheap enough to make them feel like they are just playing with a toy. The whip is about three feet long, so to a child it’s a very big whip. And the hat will fit almost any child.

This product is well worth the price and is great because it helps kids open up their imagination and mind while playing games with it. It’s also not a super loud toy so when they are in the other room playing, the parents won’t pray for the noise to stop. Kids also love playing with other children when it comes to these sort of games, so it’s perfect because two kids could be Indiana Jones, one wheres the hat, and the other could play with the whip.

October 28, 2009
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