Tomy I-Sobot Robot

I-Sobot Robot From Tomy

I-Sobot The i-Sobot is a super cool little robot made in Japan. Recently it has been released for commercial sale in other countries including the UK. This amazing little robot can do all sorts of cool things, like walking, talking, dancing and even does kung fu. It is a mere 16.5 cm. but does all the things one would expect from a robot. It has 200 programable movements and sounds with a built in speaker and microphone. With a full charge this little guy can dance, sing and do all kinds of other cool stuff for a full 50 minutes.

This is the first robot placed in the Guiness Book of World records classified as the smallest humanoid robot ever. He has a built in voice command where he will repeat phrases and even recreate some pretty wacky Western type antics. This little Tomy robot is definitely fun to play with and is easily regarded as a new little friend. The price varies but is pretty reasonable. Since this is the first of its kind chances are this little i sobot will fair well in the open market with great success.

Complete with a small controller this new gadget is easy to operate and countless hours can be spent playing with it. It is recommended for children 10 years and older and requires 2 AA batteries for the controller as well as 3 AAA NIMH batteries for the unit itself. All in all this seems like a great deal, it is entertaining, priced well and is well made. The I-Sobot is a must for someone looking for something let’s say…a little different.

October 5, 2009
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