The Incredible Hulk Gamma Rage Hands

Hulk Smash Gamma Rage Hands

Hulk Smash HandsThe Incredible Hulk has been popularized in modern times through movies, action figures, video games and the modern toy invention, Hulk Smash Gamma Rage Hands. These are a novel idea for kids of all ages who want to experience the adventure of smashing things, combined with the incredible power of the Hulk.

These green Hulk fists are made of soft, cushioned material, so punching and hitting doesn’t hurt either you or the people and items you’re trying to smash. They feature realistic Hulk detailing on the outside of the gloves, and when you slip your hands inside you’ll feel there’s even a strap to hold on to. No Hulk wants his Gamma Rage Hands to slip off while unleashing ultimate destruction and fury!

In addition to a roomy 28 x 36 x 15 cm design, Hulk Smash Gamma Rage Hands contain motion sensors that unleash real action sounds and Hulk phrases, like, “‘You’re making me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry!”, as well and smashing noises when destruction is wrought upon unsuspecting people that have made the Hulk very unhappy!

Hulk Smash Gamma Rage Hands make a great gift for kids of all types, both young and old, as they experience the ultimate power that comes from being the Hulk. Children have seen the movies and the Marvel comic book hero – not let them experience the heart-stopping action that comes from imitating their favorite action hero! Great for encouraging child roleplay, or letting off a little steam now and then.

October 1, 2009
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