Hot Wheels Mega Dino Challenge

Hot Wheels Mega Dino Challenge

Hot Wheels Mega Dino ChallengeThere is no little kid out there, that wouldn’t want to build it’s own race track and then have the fun of shooting cars through the track. Hot Wheels is great when it comes to different and unique cars and tracks coming out frequently. And one of their newest and most popular race tracks is the Hot Wheels Mega Dino Challenge track.

Each part has a long, orange track that is narrow so your cars will have a straight path to the next jump. The launchers is what you put the Hot Wheels cars on when you first start. Then, you pull back on the toy and it launches the car, speeding forward to the next launcher. On some of them, when a car passes by another launcher, it can trigger a device that sends the next car off.

This product is great for children because it’s not just one straight track that the car keeps going down the whole time. You can connect the track any way you want. If you want the track to be in a full circle, or if you want it to have different twists and turns on it, you are the creator. Not only that, but the launchers are extremely cool looking. They can be fossils of dinosaurs, or they have big tyrannosaurus launchers.

Children are amused for hours with the Hot Wheels Mega Dino Challenge toy, and if they eventually get bored with the product, they have tons of other parts that you can add on to the track. The parts aren’t very expensive, and neither is the actual track itself. You can get a lot with just a little extra money, and this track is definitely recommended for your children.

October 12, 2009
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