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I Love Ponies – Honey My Baby Pony

Honey My Baby PonyAt some point in their lives, all children wish for a pony. Now they can have one! Honey My Baby Pony by Vivid Imaginations will be a delightful addition to your family. She definitely has to ours! Honey resembles a baby palomino. With a light brown soft body and honey colored silky hair, she is a great cuddle partner for any child. Her beautiful mane and tail will keep your child brushing and grooming her for hours. Her sweet face will delight you. Eyes full of expression will bring many hours of play, especially when she blinks them at you.

Honey’s size of 50.2 x 18 x 30 cm. is the perfect size for any child age three and up. She encourages child play. The more you play with Honey, the more active she will become. With extended play Honey will sway her head as well as whinny and snort. Your child can feed her a carrot, and she will happily make munching sounds. Furthermore, If you give her a pet on the nose, she will wiggle her ears and blink those big brown eyes.

I bought Honey the little brown pony as a gift for my four year old daughter. She spends hours grooming, talking to and just loving on her. Honey is my daughter’s favorite toy. However, I would never call her a toy, she has become a member of our family. Honey even has a special place to sleep made up like a stall next to my daughter’s bed.

Honey uses four CC batteries to operate, and she seems to last a long time each time we have had to replace them. Honey is well worth the money, I’m sure she will remain a member of your family for years to come.

October 7, 2009
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