H.M. Armed Forces RAF Fast Attack VTOL Jet

H.M. Armed Forces RAF Fast Attack VTOL Jet

H.M. Armed Forces Fast Attack JetThe market for toys is filled with a wide variety of fictional vehicles from television and comic books. Children grow up with their favorite toys influencing them and possibly their entire lives can end up based off of the games they play when young. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a star ship captain, a fighter pilot from some distant planet with super technology, or even the desire to build transforming robot jets. However, there are real combat air craft in the world today that a child can focus on.

The H.M. Armed Forces RAF Fast Attack VTOL Jet is one such toy. It comes with a set of twin spring loaded missiles that the imagined pilot can fire off with accurate aim. All one must do is aim at a target and fire the missiles with the button attached to the wing. The jet comes complete with decal stickers, a handgrip for easy holding while plotting your defense force missions and even has enough space to add in your HM Armed Forces fighter pilot to the cockpit. Customize your H26cm x W53.5cm x D65cm fighter jet with these decals and accessories and you’ll be ready to take on the toughest opponents in the world.

RAF pilots have to undergo some of the most grueling selection processes in the world. They must be fit, ready, and highly intelligent to even attempt the courses they must take. All of this so that they might pilot the real life version of these technologically astonishing aerial combat vehicles.

However, with the new HM Armed Forces RAF Fast Attack Jet toy a child can dream of the day when they too might decide to strap on a flight helmet, put on their mask, and fly out to defend the homeland in one of the world’s premiere air forces. This high profile aerial combat vehicle has incredible attention to detail. Kids will love it. However, it has been determined that sometimes parents and collectors buy them just for themselves as well.

November 12, 2009
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