Tomy Guitar RockStar Toy

Tomy Guitar RockStar

Guitar RockstarWith the recent explosion of video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band across the globe, as well as International Air Guitar Championship events, t’s no wonder that air guitar has become one of the most popular games to participate in. But for those who don’t want to take the time to plug in to a video game console to rock out, that’s where the invention of Guitar RockStar steps in.

It looks just like the top part of a guitar, complete with fretboard, machines and neck, but without the cumbersome body of a real guitar – or one from the other guitar video games. The Guitar RockStar lets you rock out no matter where you are, with no strings attached! Measuring in at a mere 250x210x70mm, this tiny instrument produces some incredible sound with just the push of a few buttons. Guitar RockStar features all of the major chords, too, as well as minor, seventh, sharps and flats. You can also choose a strum mode or free play, given you the ultimate choice in how to rock.

For those that choose to emulate some of the most popular songs, instead of strumming along to the tune in their head, the Guitar RockStar comes conveniently programmed with eight songs from some of the biggest names in rock, like Joan Jett, Queen and The Darkness. It’s available in three color schemes, as well – black and brown, red and black, and blue and yellow – so finding a color to fit your style shouldn’t be a problem.

October 2, 2009
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