Drumond Park Gross Magic Tricks Set

Gross Magic Tricks Set

Gross Magic Tricks Are you tired of those cheap magic kits that not only produce boring and predictable tricks, but fall apart after the first use? Well then, the Gross Magic Tricks Set is the answer to all your young magicians’ dreams…and then some! Not only are the sixty-five magic tricks wonderfully spectacular, but they’re also disgustingly gross. Watch in amazement as your budding magician liquidizes an eyeball, or scares you out of your seat with “live” cockroach eggs. There’s also a magic tube that looks like a trash can. Out of it your youngster will produce trash, an egg, dirty toilet paper, slime and more! And watch out for the Gross Cards—your child will perform some pretty nasty card tricks with these involving stenchy skunks, fleas, bad breath and dirty rats. Other card tricks involve mind-reading and predictions.

The kit comes with a bi-lingual illustrated trick guide with easy to understand instructions. Everything your child needs to gross out family and friends is included, except for a few common household items (eggs, trash, toilet paper, etc.). Most magic tricks are beginner-level, with an added GROSS twist. All parts and props are constructed of sturdy plastic, brilliantly colored and strong enough to withstand any magicians use. Gross Magic is packaged in a cardboard box with the following dimensions: 7.9 cm high x 29.2 cm wide x 40.1 cm long. Weight: 1 kg

Gross Magic Tricks from Drumond Park is recommended for ages eight and up. Due to the many small parts contained in Gross Magic, parents of children aged three and under are cautioned in regards to possible choking hazards.

October 6, 2009
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