John Adams Golden Coin Maker

Golden Coin Maker

Golden Coin MakerFor the Midas in all of us the John Adams chocolate kit lets you melt chocolate and wrap it in gold foil and stamp it like a real gold medallion. The illegal minting of gold coins is a mouth watering treasure. The Golden Coin Maker is found online in various denominations depending on the toy company or the manufacturer that you are choosing to buy from. One can find a golden medallion as large as 4 inches round stamped as a gold coin or as small as a one inch stamped with a variety of different motifs.

The fake gold coins or the foil covered chocolate coins is a craft project for the over 5 set or the college set who like to fool their parents with medals that they have actually won while away at school. The kits come with a stamping machine, foil wrappers, chocolate, and measuring spoons. The project is loads of fun for kids who can become gold coin minters and Midas connoisseurs of fine chocolate. The one really good thing about being presented with a gold coin from a golden coin maker is that one can actually enjoy ones award instead of tossing into a drawer of buttons.

Which brings us to another feature of the golden coin maker, any button can be used to imprint if one goes into a golden coin maker frenzy. They make marvelous gifts for nursery school awards.

October 6, 2009
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