Harumika Bridal

Harumika Bridal by Bandai

If you love bridal collections, then you are definitely going to love the Bandai Harumika which will turn all girls into little fashion designers. If your child has a passion for designing, then they can put their creative abilities to use and actually create their very own fashion lines with all of the Harumika sets. There are no needles and thread that is involved in these collections because the fabric is actually wrapped around the tailor’s dummy. You can decorate it however you want using the included accessories in the box.

In the box you will receive two dummies, two necklaces, thirteen luxury fabrics, eight trimmings and one tulle skirt. You will also receive gemstone stickers which are on a 2D sheet and one screen also. There are many different things that are included in this collection that you can actually take advantage of. Children should really put their creative minds to use with all of the extras. This is definitely recommended for children ages 6 years and up who have a passion for fashion design. This is not suitable for children that are under 36 months because there area many choking hazards due to small parts that are included in the box.

You can buy this for your little girl for a very small price, and it will make a perfect Christmas gift. You can surprise your child with this amazing gift. You can actually buy it online or at many local stores. It is highly available so you won’t have to worry about not finding it. There are so many different pieces that children can use in this collection to design their piece just how they want it. There is no set way of how to make their design.

The bridal collection actually allows children to look at things from a whole different perspective. Weddings are definitely big and this gives all children a chance to design the wedding dress of their choice. This is all very good encouragement for children who are really serious about going into the fashion industry. There are many opportunities available with this collection.

November 3, 2011
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Bizu Style Studio

Bizu Style Studio By Spinmaster

Everyone knows that children love to use their imaginations to create fun and interesting toys. Give a couple of six year olds a big box and a marker and they will have fun for hours. This is what the inspiration behind the Bizu Style Studio was. Giving kids the ability to create and have hours of fun.

To begin the Bizu Style Studio comes with a tower full of compartments that are filled with different beads. Next you turn the columns to mix together the bead, hit the release and now you are ready to create your very own animal creation. Now you just string the beads onto the stretchy string, make a couple of twists and you have created your very own original animal toy.

Not only is this toy for ages six and up going to provide hours of fun, but it allows your children the satisfaction of creating something of their very own. Nothing will fill your child with more pride than making something from scratch.

In addition to making little animal toys your children can also create bracelets and necklaces to wear and show off. They can trade and collect with their friends which make this toy interactive. Do not worry if they run out of beads because Bizu has many different bead packages so that they can mix and match for new creations.

Think of the joy on your children’s face when they show off the animals, bracelets, and necklaces they have made. Think of the pride you will feel knowing that you bought this super cool toy for them. The starter kit comes with the tower, beads, stretchy string, and the stringing tool. So they can get started as soon as they open the box.

This easy to use toy will give your children hours of fun and give them a creative outlet like they have never had before. This is the perfect toy to give as a birthday gift or just a reward for good grades.

It does not matter why your give it, because you know they will love it and will not stop creating till the beads are all gone.

November 3, 2011
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Moon Sand Bake Shop

Moon Sand Bake Shop by Spinmaster

The Moon Sand Bake Shop is a lightweight interactive playset that children will enjoy. Moon sand is a soft, flexible, and harmless sand that retains its moisture so it will never become stiff and unusable. Each play set comes with three sets of moon sand in different colours including pink, purple and white. Children will be amazed by the fully functional mixer that is used to create their sensational desserts.
Included in the playset are plenty of molds that add realism to the play set. Kids will find a cake mould, cookie mould, Bundt cake mould, cupcake mould, egg mould and a butter mould. Kids could virtually create a small bakery with the diverse set of tools included. For easier handling, this playset includes a spatula and spoons.

Utilizing craft paint sold in most craft stores, one can paint the final product in order to customise it for a special occasion such as a birthday or Mother’s day treats. This playset weighs only 3.52 pounds and can easily be transported to other locations for playtime with friends and family. Children age three and up are recommended for the Moon Sand Bake Shop, and parents are welcome to participate.

The Moon Sand Bake Shop Play set increases children’s awareness of baking and cooking in general. The variety of utensils and baking supplies included expand the knowledge of a child’s baking skills. Additional moon sand colours can be purchased separately to enhance the diverse sets of cakes, cookies and cupcakes that children can make with the Moon Sand Bake Shop Playset.

Ultimately, the density and makeup of Moon Sand allows children to utilise this playset for as long as they wish. Moon Sand stays moist and flexible and is conducive for multiple uses with this play set. Children can display their masterpieces gracefully on the accompanying plate. There is no need to purchase additional utensils or moulds because the Moon Sand Bake Shop Playset comes equipped with over ten separate moulds and utensils that allow children to create a variety of desserts in an easy and efficient manner. Parents will appreciate the degree of imagination that children can apply while constructing Moon Sand desserts.

November 2, 2011
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Gelarti Designer Studio

Gelarti Designer Studio

These Gelarti art stickers manufactured by Flair come in a portable art studio container. The package contains over thirty stickers, four different colour paint pens, glitter paints, activity book, twelve gems, six three dimensional accessories, and a gem and marbling tool. This tool is double ended; one side for the gem and the other for marbling. The stickers are not coloured as they will be coloured uniquely by the user. Once the stickers are coloured and decorated, they can be placed wherever desired. They are not permanently stuck once placed on a surface; these stickers are easily removed and replaced. The portable art studio is great for quick and easy storing that does not take a lot of room. This art kit is suggested for children ages five and older.

Gelarti has both scene packs and individual activity packs. The scene pack has about six hours of play in it. The scenes include: ocean, rock, fashion, birds, butterflies, and mermaids. The activity pack includes tags for book bags and greeting cards. It has lots of unique ideas on how to decorate items with the Gelarti stickers.

The Gelarti designer art studio weighs 549 grams and does not require either batteries or assembly of any kind. There are no listed dimensions listed by the manufacturer, Flair. The Gelarti designer art studio is cute and compact; it holds all the paint pens, stickers, and extra accessories nicely. Being brightly coloured, it is sure to appeal to the taste of little girls. Although this is a cute item, it does carry a choking hazard and shouldn’t be given to children under 3 years of age. For children under eight years of age, this item should be used only under adult supervision.

These stickers are good for decorating, books, mobile phones, laptops, walls, mirrors, and virtually anything else! At such a reasonable price, now is a great time to order these for the little girl in your life. It makes a great gift for the holidays, birthdays, any other special occasion, or even just because! They are sure to love every second of play with this creative sticker decorator.

November 2, 2011
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