Hello Kitty Cool Cardz

Hello Kitty Cool Cardz by Flair

The Flair company, based in the UK and specialising in selling a large array of children’s toys, has done it again. The company now offers Hello Kitty Cool Cardz for the child in your life. From the Cool Cardz company, which gives your child the chance to design and laminate her own unique cards.

The Cool Cardz line of products provides your daughter with her own work station to let their creativity take over in her card making design fun. With an integrated laminating device, your child’s Hello Kitty Cool Cardz will have a professional and sharp detail and quality. The tidy and efficient system means no mess for you or your child to clean up, which is a gift in itself. You won’t need batteries or any additional accessories for this nifty gadget.

This self-contained unit neatly stores all of the supplies within so your child will easily be able to find her equipment, including tools to help in design as well as funky extra accessories. The Hello Kitty Cool Cardz features draws that rotate, compartments and flipping lid lets this creative and dynamic workstation shine. Each kit comes with one fully stocked workstation unit, two sheets of stickers, 15 cards, 15 laminates, four ink-stampers and inkpad, as well as glitter gel pen and a classic black pen.

Your little one will be able to use her favourite character, the lovable Hello Kitty, to send notes, invitations, ID badges for special parties, cards for top secret club meetings, or just a message to say “hello” to her best friend. The possibilities are endless for her to let her imagination roam freely with the help of her fun new artist’s studio and her friend Hello Kitty.

She’ll have fun for hours on her own, or she can have a Hello Kitty Cool Cardz party with her friends. They can make cards to send to one another and think up fun new messages or ways to make the cards fun and exciting. Just make sure you have plenty of extra supplies on hand to keep the Cool Cardz Party lively and hopping. You can buy additional laminate sheets, cards, stickers, stamps and inkpads separately.

November 4, 2011
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Crayola Story Studio Disney Princess

Crayola Story Studio Disney Princess Craft Kit

For children that have always wanted to be the center of a fairytale story, Vivid Imagination’s Crayola Disney Princess Story Studio is the perfect gift. This craft kit provides everything needed to create a custom story book with the child as the star.

Story Studio, an online program, is used to create colouring pages. It uses an image digitally selected by the user to make them into a character, and then the centre of a fairytale story with a happy ending. After the creation of a personalized character, the user is able to choose the direction the story will go. The next step required is the printing of the necessary pages. Printing only requires black ink, as the user is meant to colour the pages on your own. Once coloured, up to three story books can be crafted and bound using the binding strips included in the kit.

The following materials are included:

The code needed to access Story Studio’s online program.
Two metallic markers.
Twelve Supertips
One handwriting pen.
Twelve pencils.
Thirty plain A4 sheets of printing paper.
Six glossy A4 sheets of printing paper
Three binding strips needed to form story books.
A5 card stencils.
An A5 sticker sheet.
One colouring page.

The Crayola Story Studio Disney Princess is recommended for children ages above four and may require the assistance of an adult.

According to the most popular Amazon.co.uk listing, the package is reported to weigh in at 558 grams, with a price of around £12.99. Amazon isn’t the only place the item can be purchased at, so don’t fret if you don’t wish to check out using Amazon. According to the Vivid Imagination where to buy website the product may also be purchased at Argos, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Debenhams and Tesco, among several other online and physical locations. Some of the websites listed to offer this product are currently hosting a half-off special, so make sure to shop around before placing your order. Persons residing in locations outside of the UK can find the product on their respective Amazon websites, as well as webstores such as eBay as below.

November 4, 2011
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Charmies Magic Beader

Charmies Magic Beader by Flair

Finding exciting and engaging toys for your daughter (or granddaughter) isn’t always easy to do. There are hundreds of dolls and Barbie’s out there, but finding something that stands out and will have your child going wild isn’t all that easy. Instead of considering an ordinary doll this time, why not try and get something that can truly inspire your child’s creative side? The toy company, Flair, is well-known for its amazing range of toys, especially its line of creative sets, such as Charmies Magic Beader. With many similar products out there, what makes Charmies Magic Beader a great toy for the young lady in your life? First of all, the beads aren’t of the boring round multi-coloured variety, instead there is a great range of cute little beads that include miniature cakes, donuts, gingerbread men, and even little coloured bunnies. The set is suitable for any young lady over the age of six, and is very easy to use. There is something about creating jewellery and crafts that can really get little girls excited, so be prepared for the child to rip this toy out of your arms and want to play with it immediately.

So how exactly does the Magic Beader work? You just load up the “Charmies” you require into the Magic Beader, and then it’s time to twist the Magic Beader to string it all together into a unique design that your child can show off to friends and family. The set comes with more than fifty different beads, the Magic Beader, 2 metres of string, two key chains, and easy to follow instructions that will have your child making their own fashion accessories in no time! Worried about running out of beads and keychains? Luckily Flair even offers refill kits.

The only caution we will give you is that this is a toy that really is better suited for just one or maybe two people, so if you are looking to use this crafting kit in a bigger group you might want to consider getting more than one. Overall though, if you are looking for something a little different that will inspire the imaginations of your child then look no further than Charmies Magic Beader.

November 4, 2011
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Badge It

Badge It!

Badge It! is £20.00 fun factory of badges, real quality badges. This is a toy badge-making machine for children from six years old and above. The Badge It! badge maker includes badge maker materials enough to create 15 pieces of 3-cm diameter round badges. With this toy badge maker, kids from 6 years of age and up surely enjoy being creative and expressive of their graphic talents and skills. This little badge factory is quite simple to use and play around. If a 6-year-old could operate it and playfully create a metal badge using this little badge-making machine, it certainly is a toy for anybody of this age and older.

Using their creative instincts and ingenuity, kids could use picture from magazines, print outs from digital photos which they could photograph themselves, and other illustrations and drawings that might interest them. They may just map out these images with the included template, cut them out and with the included metal materials, they can place these inside the Badge It! badge maker and, voila, quality metal badges are crafted. They could play with these badges. They could also decorate their rooms and accessorize their bags and clothes with these badges. Indeed, this is a very good way for kids to enhance their artistic abilities and skills while enjoying the fun way of producing real metal badges with this little badge factory. It’s also a pretty cool way to brighten up a kid’s day of games and creative fun.

With the Badge It! or the Super Badge It! versions of this toy badge-making factory, kids surely enjoy making round and/or rectangular badges of various dimensions using the materials and some cool images included in these starter kits. Refill packs are also available for both versions so kids can have continuous supply of badge-making materials.

For the Badge It! version of badge makers, refill packs are available in 15-pc 3-cm diameter round badges and in 30-pc 3-cm diameter round badges. Refill packs for the Super Badge It! version have 10 pieces of 4-cm round budges, 5 pieces of 3-cm round badges, and 10 pieces of rectangular.

November 3, 2011
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