G.I. Joe Pit Mobile HQ With Hawk

G.I. Joe Pit Mobile HQ with Hawk

G.I. Joe Pit Mobile HQ with HawkFrom G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra movie, the G.I. Joe Pit Mobile HQ with Hawk is a multi-level play set that comes with electronic sounds, stairs, smash through walls, secret trap door, working missile launcher, inter-changeable cannons, elevator to both levels, side and front weaponry which converts into a gun platform, and a General Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy action figure standing at 9.5cm. Foot pegs are also featured that hold up to 84 figures which are sold separately.

The play set transforms into an armored vehicle or a multi-level headquarters both providing secret compartments and requires three AA batteries, not included. It has been suggested that this play set is for older collectors as it contains some small choking hazard parts and other pieces that are not acceptable for children under the age of seven; however others state it is acceptable for ages five and up.

G.I. Joe Pit Mobile Headquaters With Hawk ratings provide a four out of five average with many adults stating their children played for many more hours with the HQ than video games. One minor drawback claimed by some reviewers is the fact that the unit has to be re-assembled some times as it can on occasion fall apart. Also recommended by several customers is to ensure the G.I. Joe Pit Mobile HQ With Hawk play set is assembled before presenting it as a Christmas gift as it does take some time to assemble the entire unit due to the extensive amount of stickers provided.

Some positive comments with a top rating of five are for durability, operation, and overall entertainment with construction quality receiving four points out of five. Dimensions for the G.I. Joe Pit Mobile HQ with Hawk are: 27 x 16.3 x 9.5 inches (or 225 x 676 x 394cm) and expands to 3FT wide and total weight is 15.7 pounds (or 7kg). Cleaning suggestion: use a clean, dry cloth.

November 19, 2009
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