G.I. Joe Night Raven With Air Viper

G.I. Joe Night Raven With Air Viper

G.I. Joe Night Raven With Air ViperWith the wildly popular cartoon action series G.I. Joe becoming a similarly popular live action film it was only a matter of time before the old toy line fired up and new movie versions of the older cartoon based toys began to flood the shelves. However, do not misunderstand. This is a good thing.

These toys may be based on an old cartoon show turned movie, but they will do the one thingy every parent desires in a child’s toy. It will fire the child’s imagination and, in effect, keep them busy for a while.

The G.I. Joe Night Raven with Air Viper is a toy meant for children ages four and up. There are small parts that make this unsuitable for younger children due to the dangers of swallowing them. It comes complete with the following features:

* Two separate rotating missile launchers, with a complement of six missiles. These are useful for destroying the evils of democracy and world order.

* A lowering handle.

* Electronically generated lights and sound.

* Retractable landing gear for those high speed mach six flights.

* A drop down cock-pit so night raven can hop in and help cobra take over the world.

* Lock and load action for firing at the would-be saviors of humanity and democracy.

* Your very own Air Viper action figure capable of aiding any child, or grown fan boy, in their bid for total world domination. The figure will actually fit into the twenty-fifth anniversary version of the original Night Raven, in the event the owner has that version and wishes to be a little more traditional.

What it does not include:

* 3 AA batteries. Any would-be soldier of cobra will have to fuel this craft on their own.

The G.I. Joe Night Raven with Air Viper has dimensions of: 3.88 in. L x 18.0 in. W x 11.0 in. H, and weighs around two and a half pounds.

This is an excellent toy for any child of four and up. Those who are older fans of the original cartoon series may enjoy placing this among their collectible items as well.

December 4, 2009
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