Fur Real: Lil Patter Pup Pomeranian

Fur Real Lil Patter Pup Pomeranian

Lil’ Patter Pup PomeranianThe Hasbro FurReal Friends Lil’ Patter Pup Pomeranian is not a ordinary dog stuffed toy. He is an animatronic plush dog that walks, wags its tail and barks. It seems almost real. It even comes with an adoption certificate and his own bone. He even moves his nose when he sniffs that bone. He moves his head too. He runs on three “AA” batteries that are even included.

This cute puppy only weighs 1.3 pounds so even the smallest child can carry him around where ever they go. He is 5.8 x 9.2 x 8 inches. The manufacturer’s suggested age is four and up but a younger child will enjoy it with the proper supervision too. He is the classic Pomeranian red colour with soft fluffy fur just like a real Pomeranian. Your child can brush his fur and put clips in his fur, he comes with one hair bow. He has deep brown eyes and a cute little pink tongue. Your child will love to pet his soft fur. He is a very playful pup especially with his bone. Your child will also enjoy the adoption certificate he comes with. You can help them fill it out and name their puppy and display it in the their room.

These are not only adorable they teach children valuable lessons about taking care of an animal and what adoption means . Any child would love a Lil Patter Pup Pomeranianone for Christmas, whether they have a dog already or not. They are very reasonably priced too!

October 20, 2009
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