Fab Effex Variety Pack

Fab Effex Variety Pack from Spinmaster

Buy the Fab Effex Variety Pack from Spinmaster and you will have a wonderfully amazing kit used to culminate creativity in primary schoolers of all ages. This is a fun, cute toy that girls all over the world will simply fall in love with. The Fab Effex Variety Pack from Spinmaster is made of eight sheets of single coloured fabric infused with wax, two specialty sheets, one glittery and one fuzzy, three moulds which include a heart, circle, and star, for making fantastical popping effects, over one hundred pre-cut pieces of different shapes and sizes, kid safe scissors for safe, kid friendly fun, accessories to make your own unique styles of rings, cards and other fun things, a book full of neat ideas to keep you busy, and an instruction sheet to follow when you are beginning your journey into the land of creativity. The possibilities for fun are never ending. Make cute little animals like swirly pigs and whimsical puppies. Jazz up your favourite jewellery box with fun colours and one of a kind designs. Enchant your friends with uniquely beautiful hand made jewellery. Individualize your back pack with rocked out designs and snazzy effects. Everybody will know which room is yours with all the designs you will be able to create and put up on your walls and door. The most amazing part is, when you are ready for a new look, you can reuse and recreate each piece with new designs and effects. You are only limited by your own imagination.

I know I wish I had the Fab Effex Variety Pack from Spinmaster when I was little. This is the type of toy that could keep any little girl busy for hours on end. With so many techniques to utilise when creating, the ideas will never run out. Now that I am older, this is a toy I will love for my girls to use. Also, this is an awesome gift idea for Christmas and birthdays, or just for any time. It is a great idea for friend bonding time at snazzy sleep overs and themed parties. I would highly recommend this toy for any girl who likes to have fun.

November 1, 2011
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