Dream Town Gasketts Garage Shop

Dream Town Gasketts Garage Shop

Dream Town Gasketts Garage ShopThe Dream Town Gasketts Garage Shop is so complete it makes children feel like they are actually working at a petrol filling station. This little dream of a shop offers hours of inspired playtime for your little ones. It has enough features to allow their imaginations to run the full gamut of auto service and repair.

With its easy to assemble support rod frame, and colourful fabric covering, parents won’t wear themselves out fitting it together. The Dream Town Gasketts Garage Shop can be set up, and taken down quite easily, for play indoors or out.

It measures one hundred and five centimeters tall, by one hundred and thirty centimeters wide, and has a depth of eighty centimeters. There is plenty of room for small mechanics to play at work. There are no sharp edges or fasteners sticking out, so it is safe for little ones down to age two. It has a drop down workbench, and both sides are designed for play. The two sides are different in appearance. One has play tools, and a clock on the wall that always reads seven minutes past five. The other has a play air pump, so the young mechanic can make sure tyres are inflated to the proper pressure.

There is a forecourt, and colourful signs adorn the ends and sides. The top is surrounded with pennants, and a large sign on the roof advertises twenty four-hour service.

There are other accessories available, including an automobile, and a petrol pump. Both are designed to interface with the Dream Town Gasketts Garage Shop perfectly. Don’t forget to include the Grandparents. They love to get in on gift buying. With their help, a family could easily accumulate the entire collection.

The Dream Town Gasketts Garage Shop is a well-constructed, reasonably priced toy, that your children can enjoy for a long time.

October 22, 2009
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