Disney Princess Kitchen

Disney Princess Kitchen

The Disney Deluxe Princess Kitchen is the perfect gift for your future little chef. The kitchen comes with many fun features that any child will enjoy. With the twist of a knob, the burners make lots of great cooking noises that can set your little girl to giggling. She can also make the oven ding to let her know when her cookies are done baking.

The kitchen comes with 17 accessories to get your little girl started on her cooking adventure. There is a phone so she can talk to her friends, a frying pan, soup pot, cooking sheet, 2 tea cups and saucers, an egg, 2 cookies, 2 muffins, salt and pepper shakers. If your child desires additional accessories, Disney does have additional sets that you can purchase.

The design of the overall kitchen is of perfect height for a little girl that is at age 3 to 6. Older children will have to kneel to enjoy the use of this little wonder. The color is a bright pink and tends to clash a bit unless you have the ultimate princess in your home. The construction is sturdy it is made of a durable plastic. There is some assembly required. Parents will have to place stickers and attach doors, etc. The images provided are all of the Princesses presented by Disney; Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle Ariel and Jasmine. The kitchen will fit perfectly in any one of the themed bedrooms. The pink color of the unit is found in most of the Princess designs from Disney.

It is best to make sure that your child is beyond the stage of putting things into her mouth. With the play food items, the egg, muffins and cookies, your child may attempt to eat these items. Be warned that this hazard is a part of any toy that involves cooking.

October 14, 2009
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