Doggie Doo Game

Doggie Doo Game

A gift has made it to the top of the list of toys that kids will love and may make parents smile in disgust. The toy retailers association has put this toy on the list of the top twelve must have toys for Christmas. This toy is called Doggie Doo, by John Adams and is making headlines as one of the most wanted gifts on Christmas lists of children everywhere. After their initial amazement parents are finding they are having fun with this toy. The game comes with a plastic wiener dog, yellow goo and dice. The dice are thrown and the player presses a handle that makes this goo pass through the dog. The poo passes through the dog when the handle is pressed. As it is pressed it makes the sound of passing wind. If it is your turn and the poop comes out the business end of the dog, you are the loser. You will need to take the shovel and clean up after the dog.

This game was initial made for small children and is easy for even the youngest of children to play. It is however a game that older children and adults love as well. This would make a great game for families to play together as all ages can be involved. The dog is approximately one foot long and four inches tall. It is a brown dachshund with a leash and handle attached. The toy comes with it’s own dog poo that comes in its own air tight can. It is made to be played by two to four players, however it could keep a child involved by himself for hours.

Kackel dackel is what this toy is called in Germany where this toy originally came. This means laughing dachshund in German. This toy will be sure to have youngsters and adults alike laughing when they gather together to play this disgusting but fun game. If your children are asking for a dog for Christmas, this may be the best choice for teaching children they will need to clean up after a pet. This toy can be found online and at some specialty stores. Get yours before they are out of stock as they are going fast.

October 28, 2011
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Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game

Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

The angry bird’s game has been very popular as an online or mobile application for many users and now thanks to Mattel there is finally the release of Angry Birds Knock on Wood board game for kids and adults. The player can join with their friends and use the angry birds to try and knock over the pigs on different structures and the one with the most wins.

Description and Features of the Angry Bird game;

The kids can build launch and destroy their counterpart’s buildings and knock over their pigs. The game comes with angry birds, pigs a sling shot structure pieces, mission cards and a launcher. The game is appropriate for kids ages 5 and up and from 2 to 4 players can play the game. There is no assembly required, no batteries needed, and all of the material is made from a strong plastic. The player starts by drawing a card and building a structure to put his pig on and their opponent tries to knock it down with any of the angry birds.

The dimensions are 20×5.1×26.7 cm and it weighs 386g, the game comes with 3 angry birds one yellow, one red and one black. There are 4 pigs and 14 structure pieces along with the slingshot and launcher, the player that gets over 1,000 points wins the game. The angry bird’s game is a great gift for the holidays and for anyone that has played the online or mobile version of this game knows how addictive it is and now the kids can get involved and play their own version of the angry birds.

With this game the kids can let their parents have their phones back so they can play their own angry bird’s game and everyone is happy. This Christmas will be a difficult one when it comes to choosing between all of the hundreds of toy options. The best thing to do is to let the kids choose what they want and then find a cheaper version that they can play with and still get the same excitement. Like with angry birds mum and kids will be equally happy.

October 27, 2011
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iball 3

Iball 3

The iball 3 is the latest puzzle toy and has been voted the #1 new toy by various tech and consumer sites an Channel Five’s Gadget Show. One round with the puzzle and it’s easy to see why. Both fun and challenging, the toy will be a great Christmas gift for children and adults alike this holiday season.

Made with a semi-transparent blue outer shell, the iball 3 is roughly the size of a cricket ball. The puzzle ball is easily held in any size hands and incredibly addictive once you’ve started to play. The brilliance of the puzzle is its maddening simplicity. With a plastic orb and a few flashing lights, the creators of the puzzle have made a toy that consumers won’t be able to put down.

The object of the puzzle is to turn on a certain number of the coloured lights (there are six of them) and have them flash the same colour within a given amount of time. In level one, players must complete the sequence of three lights in less than 20 seconds. Once players have achieved this goal, they are automatically moved along to level two.

Level two’s game play is more difficult but players reap more reward if it’s beaten. In less than 60 seconds, players must complete a four light a sequence. If a player ‘wins’, they are given an i-code which gives them access to the World leader board. Here iball 3 players can see how long it took them to achieve the four light sequence, which colours they achieved and where they stand on the leader board.

At any time, players can revert back to level one by pressing buttons on the ball. Powered by three LR44 batteries, the iball 3 is an affordable gift for the season.

iball3 promises to train your brain in a fun way. People of all ages can easily complete the puzzle that may remind some of an electronic Rubik’s Cube. The little hand held puzzle is sure to be a hit this season. Buy one as a gift and buy one for yourself! If you don’t, you’ll find yourself ripping it out of the hands of your gift’s recipient so you can feed your addiction.

October 19, 2011
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Monopoly Electronic Banking

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition

Those who love the classic Monopoly board game need not fret about the new Monopoly with electronic banking. The new version keeps all the best elements of the classic and combines them with an updated form of money exchange. The new money system, though it might appear intimidating, is actually easy to learn. Even young players should not have a problem operating the new banking calculator.

In this game, the finances change hands using debit cards and a special calculator. Each debit card displays the amount of money the player has in an account. The rules of the game are the same as the classic board game. The game, though no physical money is physically exchanged, can still be educational. Children can still learn about strategy, accumulating money, and buying and selling property. Each player will start with 15 million on their debit card. Money is still added to the account when players pass go and players still pay rent when they land on an opponent’s property. Instead of learning about counting money, players will learn about bookkeeping and how to track debits and credits.

Other major differences are the names and prices of some of the properties and the tokens. Some of the new tokens include a Segway, space shuttle, and dog in a purse. The railroads have become airports and the utilities are no longer electricity and water – they are internet and mobile phones. Some of the community chest and chance cards have been updated to reflect current technology. For example, you might have to spend money to fix your computer. The updates allow younger players to relate to the game in ways previous generations have not, though one could argue that a certain nostalgia is lost.

Monopoly Here and Now Electronic Banking comes with the game board, banking calculator, title deed cards, community chest and chance cards, six debit cards, six player tokens, two dice, 32 homes and twelve hotels. In order to use the banking system, the players will need to provide 2 AAA batteries. The game is designed to be fun for ages 8 and up. Just as with the classic version, be prepared to spend hours playing this game.

October 15, 2011
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