Chou Chou Learn To Walk Doll

Chou Chou Learn To Walk Doll

Little girls will love playing “mummy” to their very own Chou Chou Learn to Walk doll. They can walk along with their baby Chou Chou doll, holding her little hands tightly, and gently encouraging her to take those pensive first steps. The Chou Chou Learn to Walk doll has easily mastered crawling, and makes adorable baby sounds as she scoots along. But if she falls over, or is placed down before she’s ready, she will cry and kick her legs. Her mummy has to come rescue her, by either placing baby Chou Chou back into her crawling position, or by taking her by the hands, so her baby can practice her walking again. Baby Chou Chou can also right herself again, and when she succeeds, she will scamper along, crawling and babbling with pure delight.

The Chou Chou line of dolls has always been a much-cherished brand for little girls, and the Chou Chou Learn to Walk Doll is undoubtedly one of the must-have dolls for the 2010 Christmas season. Girls who have a baby doll on their wish list will be thrilled to receive such a beautiful, playful baby, and parents will be delighted to see their child enjoying such a life-like role-playing toy that their children are sure to fall in love with. Parents will also take comfort in the fact that they’re giving their child a product made by Zapf Creation; a brand name revered for excellence and reliability.

Each Chou Chou Learn to Walk doll comes dressed in her own adorable jumper. Baby Chou Chou also comes equipped with one Babygrow.

Zapf Creation has always been a brand associated with quality, high standards, and value in both safety and play. The motto of Zapf Creation, “Setting free a child’s imagination,” is clearly defined by their entire line, including their Learn to Walk doll.

Full Specifications:

Battery Description: 4 x AA (sold separately)

Dimensions: 38 (h) cm

Colour: Colours and styles may vary.

November 20, 2010
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